Wednesday, August 16, 2006

August 16- Refugee Advisory Committee

Announcements or updates

  • Yesterday Gold ‘n Plump and 30 Somali workers met with mediators and settled the complaint the Somalis made with the EOE about no time or space to pray. Workers are being compensated for the last year and were invited back to their jobs.
  • 50,000 new arrivals were expected this year, but the actual is about 36,000. Next year about 24,000 are expected. This is a result of a December bill that made the definition of a terrorist broad, so it’s hold up and denying applications for refugees to come to the US. HR5918- Pitts Bill is asking for exceptions for refugees that were forced into situations who are not terrorists.
  • There have been child care meetings for a house grant that would allow a Somali family to stay there while providing licensed daycare for other Somalis. The reps also handed out three pieces of literature.

Social Security Administration (Lisa & Rhonda)
· Social Security Insurance Program (RSDI)
o Need a work history and to have paid FICA, available to family members of disabled, retired, or widowed
· Supplement Security Income (SSI)
o Based on income and resources, then if over 65, disabled, or blind, and only available to the individual
o Criteria is different for refugees, 7 years eligibility for date of entry
o Asylee and refugee guidelines are different
o St. Cloud Legal Area Services is getting a grant to fill out applications

Immigrant Community Round Table
· I have Trudy Kenney from USCIS and Laura Tripiciano, an immigration lawyer in St. Cloud lined up to speak, with Hector Garcia as the moderator
· I posed several questions to the group: When (after Ramadan? Date? Time?) and an agenda.
· Nothing was decided, but it was suggested to contact Hector so that we have a guideline of a mission, purpose, and goals.
· I spoke to Mohammed after the meeting, and we decided to wait until after Ramadan, Friday at 9am, 2 ½ hours in length with 1 hour speakers, 45 minutes of questions and answers, and the remainder of action group.


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