Wednesday, June 21, 2006

May 26 Meeting about Fellowship

Before my fellowship started, Baba, the director at the Human Rights Office, and I, met on May 26 to discuss the project. He gave me connections with community members who could be good resources. I was given six names, all of whom I emailed and began correspondence with in hopes of receiving some information or help for the fellowship.

The ideas for projects that Baba and I discussed are:
a. Dispelling myths
b. Address the problems in schools
c. Employment issues
d. Parents and the media role
e. Expand on the Senior Center project
f. Women here 5 years, no more assistance, but have no skills to get job
g. Looking at the This is My Home project

It is ultimately up to me what project(s) I decide to work on. I am going to research what is already in existence, what has been in the past, what works, what doesn’t work, etc., so that I can get a feel of what is already out there and not duplicate efforts, or try something that already didn’t work. After that I will decide what project(s) to do.


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